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Big Search is Menuhead's basic search page. Select one item in the "Number 1: Location" listbox. One item from the "Number 2: Cuisine / Food" listbox. From the "Number 3: Optional" listbox you can choose not to select an item or choose to select one or many items. Once you have made your selections, click on "Search". Your results will appear below. Once you have your results you can sort them by clicking on the titles. If you click on the camera icon a photo of the restaurant will pop up. Clicking on the name will open a new page showing you a number of details about the restaurant, including a map, rating and pricing. Comments about the restaurant can also be read here, and if you wish you may leave a comment.


  Block   Block Buster  

Pick a city, and a street, and Menuhead will show you all of the restaurants on that street. You can also pick a cross street to narrow the search. Block-Buster comes complete with a Google Map so that you may plan a route to your selected restaurant.

  Feed   Feed Your Head  

Learn about different kinds of cuisines around the world. Tired of the same old thing? Tune into Feed Your Head and learn about different foods. After you learn...search for restaurants nearby, grab a few friends and run out and try it....its easy, Click on slide photo for the area of the world that you would like to explore, underneath you will see a list of available cuisines. See something interesting? Click on the flag to go into futher detail. Afterwards select the city that you are in to find a restaurant near you.

  Grab   GrabbaMenu  

Hungry, but don't know whats on the menu? Select a location, a restaurant, a menu. Then print your selection...Grabba-Menu!

  Talk   TalkingHeads  

Found a great place? Let us know. Looking for a great place? Go to Talking Heads. Your sure to find something good!